Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cos they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that.

Azra Tabassum (aka 5000letters)

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I won’t beg someone to love me. I learned long ago that there is no use in hopeless pleas of trying to make someone stay. I am too good to chase someone who does not know my worth and I am too wild to keep waiting for someone who doesn’t acknowledge my value. I want to be loved unconditionally. I shouldn’t have to fight so hard for it. I do not have the time to prove to someone that I am worth it. I shouldn’t have to prove any of that; I am worth more than that.
Ming D. Liu, A Story A Day #138  (via slowwlife)

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I would like to be able to gently drift in and out of existence when I wanted to.
Henry Rollins, Solipsist (via larmoyante)
I want you. All the time. No one else.
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I was young I was so young it hurt like a knife
because there was no alternative except to hide as long
as possible—
not in self-pity but with dismay at my limited chance:

trying to connect.

Charles Bukowski, Friends Within The Darkness (via ii-sm)
And I’m always like that, always like that. Always injuring myself with my politeness. I’m always injuring myself like that.
Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov  (via stxxz)